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In order for your site to be noticed and get traffic, you need to enlist the search engines. Search Engine Optimization software is the key to getting Google, Yahoo, MSN Live and on your side.


H. G. Wells wrote a novel called the Invisible Man about a man who couldn't be seen but could see others. We are all invisible on the web unless we do something to attract attention to us.

The web is a huge place and finding what you want is a challenge. Unlike finding a store or building in New York City, for example, where you could use a map to help you get around, the Web is so huge, that no directory could do it full justice. It's just as easy to get to the heart of China on the web as to connect to something down the block. This effectively puts the entire Internet in front of you at any time and it's too big to be easily categorized.

The search engines were developed to allow users to find whatever they want or need by providing a phrase or data that is to be searched for. This is by far the primary way that sites are found now.

If you have a business site or a blog or any website that you would like to have noticed and visited by many people, you need to make the search engines like you so that your site comes up near the top of the search that fits your website description. For example, if you have a website about tomato gardening, you want a search for tomato gardening to list your site as one of the first search results.

Search Engine Goals and Methods

The goal of the search engines is to provide the best answer to what people are looking for. To really do this, the search engine would have to make some sort of evaluation of the quality of the information. The search engine developers create complicated algorithms to try to answer this question.

The major tools that the search engines use for evaluating a page are keyword density and link quantity and quality.

The words that people use to find something are called keywords. If a person wanted to know about computer security, they would enter these 2 words into the search engine. Computer security would be a keyword set. Articles that have the term computer security in them a number of times are likely to provide the needed information. This is especially true if the keyword is part of the title. The number of repeats of a keyword and its placement in the article is one indicator of the article's value.

People sometimes can cheat by filling a half a page with just this keyword repeated over and over. The search engines are on to this trick and they have logic to not pay attention to this kind of posting.

Links or more accurately hyperlinks are parts of a page that take a user to a different part of the current web page or another web site's page entirely. Sites which have many links pointing to them are considered to be good because many people have found it worthwhile to link to them. A link from an authority site such as Microsoft in computers and the Mayo Clinic in health are considered to be especially valuable. Links from a page with a high Google rating are also valuable.

The search engines run a special program called a spider (really many instances of the same program) that crawls the web and looks at every site on the web to get keyword and link statistics and also provide information for new sites.

What the user needs to do, therefore, is make the keywords that apply to their page prominent and have them appear often enough to get noticed by the search engine spider. Additionally, the user needs to generate links pointing to his/her site to raise their site's value.

SEO software types

  1. Niche finders
  2. Keyword Analyzers
  3. Link generation aids
  4. SEO Blogging Software
  5. Traffic Analyzers

SEO software review provides a detailed review of the various SEO software types.

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