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The Limits of Registry Repair

The registry is very important in a Windows XP system but it is only one of many parts that make up the entire system.

Many people mistakenly believe that registry repair programs can correct all XP problems. This is far from the truth. If crucial system files are missing or damaged, registry repair programs can't correct this. Registry fixers also don't remove viruses and other malware. Application programs that have been corrupted or are missing essential files won't be helped by anything related to the registry.

In general, a number of programs are needed to keep things in shape.

An effective Internet Security suite is needed to protect against all kinds of threats.  See this article to learn more about computer Internet security

To get the best possible performance,  follow the boost computer speed article recommendations.

Better Than Registry Repair

When you are facing disaster, you need something more powerful.

You need major help if you are experiencing any of the following:
  • the system can not be booted
  • you are experiencing BSODs (blue screen of death)
  • you have a major virus infestation that cripples your computer
  • something is causing your computer to crawl and you get many error messages

Reimage repair software solves these problems in short order. It does it quickly and leaves your programs and data intact. It is also guaranteed and reversible.

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Watch how  Reimage can be used to repair a computer that won't boot

If the repair doesn't work out to your satisfaction, you pay nothing. It keeps track of any changes that it has made so that you can also reverse any changes that it has made, if you want to.

Since it is meant for emergency situations, there is a charge for each use or a subscription for multiple uses. An individual should try this before calling Geek Squad or running to the repair shop. You can save money and time.

PC technicians and PC repair departments can use this software to automate handling of many severe problems so that they only need to focus on hardware problems or exceptional situations. This will save them time and money due to increased efficiency.


You still need registry repair, system utilities and Internet security software. However, Reimage helps for the real emergencies. 

See Reimage Repair for more information

Click on the banner at the top of the page or on the Reimage link to try it.

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