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The top level computer system components and links for details

A computer is like a brain which can think, calculate, retrieve and organize information for its human master. This brain is supplied with parts that provide allow for input to it and allow it produce output for presentation to the one using it.

The main components of this brain are the CPU (Central Processing Unit), memory, the hard disk drive and the operating system. The computer parts and accessories that allow this artificial intelligence to get input and provide output are the Keyboard, mouse, media reader, monitor, Video card, sound electronics, speakers, DVD and CD, modem, printers and the network system.

The details of the computer brain and various computer system components are described in greater detail in Computer System Components.

Desktop or Laptop

Although not strictly a part of a computer, the form of the computer whether it is desktop or laptop affects many things about the computer.

This is discussed in detail in Desktop Laptop.

These are the links to the whole story;


Computer system components The anatomy of a computer system.
Get to know what makes your computer tick. We describe the computer system components that make it tick and what counts in those components.

Item Details

Computer Speed Up 
The components that are crucial to computer speed.What everyone needs to know in order to do an effective computer speed up. We describe the important parts and which gives the most bang for the buck.

Desktop Laptop
What you need to know in comparing a laptop vs destop computer.

DVD and CD 
All You Need to Know About CD and DVD Media. Valuable buying information, uses, burners and software and more are covered.

Operating System Items

Upgrade to windows vista
The upside and downside of an Upgrade to Windows Vista now.

Vista upgrade from your old OS 
So you want to do a Vista upgrade. Here is a step by step guide of all you need to do.

Which Vista  The only true choices. 
Your computing needs will determine which Vista you should choose. The wrong choice could limit you in a big way.

Video cards
Video cards simplified. We cut through all the geek speak to identify what you really need to know.

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