Vista Upgrade Procedure

Here is a step by step guide for an upgrade to Windows Vista

Is now the time to do this?

If you have an existing computer that is working reasonably well, it doesn’t pay to switch yet in my opinion. The overall rule is one should never purchase serial number 1 of any new software or hardware. Some have set the release of service pack 1 of fixes for Vista as the benchmark which would mark a level of maturity where plunging into the new waters is worth the risk.

Converting an existing computer

You will need to determine if your computer is ready for the switch. Microsoft has provided a tool to do this. The page for downloading the tool states the following; “Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor is designed to help Windows XP users identify whether their PCs are ready for an upgrade to Windows Vista, which edition of Windows Vista meets their needs, and which features of Windows Vista will be able to run on their PCs.” It can be obtained at Advisor Link

Prior to making any changes, do a full system backup.

You should identify/fix any issues that it points out.

To be safe, download any vista drivers that the PC manufacturer has available for that system, onto a CD, or USB key.

You should be aware that some of the applications that you are currently running may not survive the conversion.

If you need to migrate applications from a system running a different Microsoft operating system , there does not seem to be any reasonable tool that would make this easy. Be sure to have all your original CD’s, the CD keys and remember all the settings you put into the programs (Ha! You bet! ?) In the absence of this alternative, you can move to the new version of the programs you are used to and use a utility to transfer settings. It can be found here Vista Transfer Utility Link .

Buying a new computer

If you are purchasing a new computer and do not need to bring over any software or data from your prior computer, then it pays to go to Vista. Even though there are some issues, most manufacturers won’t give you much of a choice. Additionally, despite everything, Vista is the new direction and the entire world will be moving there. It doesn’t pay to be out of synch. All new software and hardware will be geared towards this operating system for the foreseeable future.

Good luck.

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